Training Passes (PTF)

We have a variety of options for Discounted Pre-Paid Training Passes available

Which option is best for YOU?

  • If you train approximately once a week, the 12 Visit Pass is the most suitable option for you.
  • Training two or more times per week. An unlimited training pass is the best option. Train as many times as you like in any GKR Karate dojo over the stated period for one upfront fee.
  • The discounted rates are available when more than one family member purchase a Training Pass option. Family members do not have to select the same option to be eligible for the discounted rate.
  • Note: Visit pass family discounts can only be applied to purchases made for family members with a 6 month period of each other.
    The discounts are available to ‘immediate family’ only i.e. parents, children and/or siblings. De facto families sharing one address may also be eligible. Training Passes can be used at any regular GKR Karate class (excludes special seminars/classes/tournaments).
 12 training sessions3 Months6 Months
1 person in family£96£115£220
2 people in family£84£100£190
3+ people in family£72£85£160
People in family12 training sessions
People in family3 Months
People in family6 Months

Pass number 1


Do you qualify for any further discount?

Please provide the name(s) of any additional family members who train with a valid Training Pass to qualify for the maximum discount applicable.

All Training Pass purchases will be verified to ensure only current users qualify for this discount.


Add First additional family member with a current pass who is not purchasing one today.


Add Second additional family member with a current pass who is not purchasing one today.