Sparring Pack 2


Sparring Pack 2


Get your GKR sparring pack!!

The bundle includes:

Sparring mitts
Shin and instep guards
Mouth guard
Chest protector

Mouth Guard

The GKR Dojo Gear mouth guard is ideal for kumite and competition. Can easily be molded in boiling water.

Available in junior and senior sizes.

Chest Protector

Female chest protector set for karate , consisting of a hard plastic shell and a white cotton top. Reliable protection for the sensitive breast area.

Tokaido Gloves

High-quality karate gloves produced by the japanese manufacturer Tokaido. These mitts are made of a soft, extremely lightweight foam. The surface made ​​of sturdy synthetic leather ensures durability. Ideal for both safer (kumite) training and competition

Tokaido Shin Guard

This excellent karate shin guard by Tokaido is the best choice for those who place great emphasis on optimum protection and wearing comfort. Soft foam, coated with leatherette makes it extremely lightweight and durable. A shin protector, developed  to satisfy even the highest demands on safety during (kumite) training and competition.